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Edited Photos
    This page is for photos that I had edited with various graphic editing programs.  I had originally started to edit photos for fliers which my wife and I had made for different events such as our video game competition, a scavenger hunt, Halloween parties and horror movie get togethers.  I then started to put my friends and relatives in some of these photos as a joke and it really started to become fun.  Here is just a few pieces of my work so far, but I'll add more as I go along. As you can see I'm not that good at it....... yet. Enjoy it anyway.

Me and a few of my friends.
(Me on the left, Scott, Mike and my wife Jill)

Me in my awkward teen phase lifting mini-Jill.

This one is very bad quality because it was shot from an Internet cam.

My father-in-law Steve on a quiz show.
(I'm sure you know which show)
My nephew Billy on his 3 year old body.

My friend Brian. I don't know what I was thinking when I made this one.

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