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You made it!

You've finally made it to my hidden page!

This page is a mix of personal photos and some odd things which I hope some of you will enjoy.
Also here you will eventually see some of my animations which will be downloadable.


This is when I received my first ATARI.
(That's me in the maroon shirt)
The joystick has no top because my brother tore it off.

Ah... nostalgia. That's me ( in the lower left ) with my friends in 1983
playing ATARI. The game we were playing here is Stampede.

These were our cats Ringding ( on left ) and Muffin ( on right ).

Yes, children are very impressionable. Too many games of Mortal Kombat
has made this kid a freakin monster!

The same nephew with a perm.

A few of my friends looking as if they had done something wrong.
( Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil )

An article which I found very disturbing.

This is in Canada in front of " The House of Frankenstein ".
This is truly the best Frankenstein costume I've ever seen.....
I suppose that's why he scared the crap out of me ( in the lower left )
when he put his hands on my brother and sisters necks.

Believe it or not this was the first Christmas my wife and I
spent together before we were married. We are on exactly the same wave length.
These two skulls are proof positive because neither of us knew  we were
going to be getting each other the same thing!!!

My wife and I enjoy Halloween more than anything.
This is us in our alien costumes.

This is one of our crazy friends.
This was his first time holding a real musket rifle.
Judging by the quote on his shirt... we figured it would be
safer if we hid the ammo.

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