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Brian J. Healey

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  Here you will be able to see many of my creations.  Some of the drawings I put on this site were actually created within a span of at least 12 - 15 years and were made when I was at work, school or at my home. This would explain why some of my creations are on notebook paper, supermarket receipt paper and cardboard.  If there was a blank piece of paper........  I had to draw on it.

  I've been drawing since I was 2 years old and had always shown an interest in all forms of art.  I never had any drawing lessons and have always tried to come up with new ideas that haven't been done before.  My mother, father, brother and one of my uncles all have great artistic abilities which made a great impression on me growing up.  My parents, relatives and friends always encouraged me to draw.........  which is probably why I hardly ever got into trouble ( except when I drew on my desk in school ).

    In school I always was called upon to create one thing or another.  In elementary school I created backdrops for plays and also made some props.  Sometimes kids would ask me to draw on their notebooks and book covers.  In high school some of the students would give me money for drawing on their covers, shoes, backpacks and other various items.  This was great because after classes I had some extra cash.

    The only course I ever took for art was Commercial Art which I had taken in a vocational school.  I didn't learn to draw from this, but did get experience in the advertisement field.  This wasn't very interesting to me because I had to draw what I was instructed to.  I created many hand painted signs when I attended this school and gained some real good friends.

    I never took any computer courses, but I had learned a lot while hanging out with my friends which I met after I graduated school.  If I were to ever trust anyone on computer advice or trouble shooting it would definitely be these guys over anyone else.

    My friends and I are trying to come up with some type of animation which we could submit to one of the many cartoon festivals or web sites.  I'm sure with the artistic and computer talent these guys have we will come up with something extremely interesting.  If we do come up with something it'll definitely be mentioned on this site.

For those of you wondering.... I killed the Turkey Boy project. I've been too busy with my other art projects.  Sorry.

    This web site is dedicated to my mother, family, friends and all the people who had shown an interest in my artwork, but most of all my beautiful wife Jill who had always given me hope that my creations would be well known.

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Happy hunting!

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